Chapter 1: Selling

When Anna and Sam got in touch with us, their home had already been on the market with another agent. It had been listed for more than a month, but they felt like they'd been left hanging.

We just weren’t getting any traction in the market. We weren’t getting any offers on the house. Things were dragging on and on. We just felt stuck. - Sam

When they asked us to re-list their home, we took the opportunity to devise a winning strategy and totally revamped the marketing. One small example: settled on a small hill, the Young's home was elevated above the road. The previous listing's main photo showed the home from far away and looking up towards the house. Not a flattering angle. We had our photographer use a light pole to lift the camera high in the air and shoot the house close-up.

The results were immediate. Within 8 days, the house was under contract.

We ended up getting two full price offers. So, we were really thrilled with that. And it seemed like they really hit the nail on the head as far as what the market was ready for at the time. - Anna

Chapter 2: Buying

Shifting their attention to their home purchase, Sam and Anna fell in love with a larger home that would be a much better fit for their growing family. Unfortunately, it was already under contract. But, teammate Andy Bond wasn't ready to give up.

It was encouraging to feel like I had somebody who was going to advocate for us and really take time to make sure our needs were met throughout the whole process. - Anna

Andy helped the Youngs to put in a backup offer on the house. Then, he pursued the listing agent with call after call, fighting for Anna and Sam to win the house. He won that fight.

We got the call on Christmas Eve. They accepted our backup offer! Pretty good Christmas present. - Anna

Most agents don't take the time to write back-up offers, let alone advocate with a listing agent for a home under contract to another buyer. But, Andy was as enthused about this home as the Youngs were. 

A year later, Sam, Anna, and their family are enjoying their first Christmas in their new home. Our team is so thrilled for the Youngs. Congratulations on your new home and we hope you build a trove of precious memories there!